Why We Believe First Looks Are The Best

    The first look is a modern tradition between the bride and groom where they see each other for the first time prior to the ceremony. The reveal of the gorgeous bride in her wedding dress, the handsome groom in his spiffy suit.

    The unmistakable gleam in their eyes as all of the nervousness and anticipation disappears and instead is replaced with infinite love. The best part of all? This enthralling moment is captured, to be relived and remembered forever. 

    Still not convinced? Here are the top reasons why we believe first looks are the best

    Calms Your Nerves

    First looks take a moment that is cherished but often fleeting, and slows it down so that you can truly relish in your affection for each other. 

    This photo session provides a calm and intimate period during all the excitement and craze of the wedding day.

    Most importantly, this time also allows you to get out any of the jitters and nerves making you more relaxed and comfortable for the rest of the photos.

    Share Some Alone Time

    During your wedding, there are actually very few times where you get to share time with just the two of you. Having a first look provides you with the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, and bask in this excitement as a couple.

    A first look also provides that perfect moment to finish up your formal couple session before moving onto the group photos.

    You Can Spend Time With Your Guests

    Having a first look will spare you some time for later, during the transition from ceremony to reception.

    Since all of your couple photos will be done, you will have the time to participate in the cocktail hour!

    This time can be spent reveling in the excitement with all of your family and friends!  

    There is a myriad of moments to be captured during the ceremony and the reception. As well as a multitude of opportunities to catch lingering glances, a well-timed laugh, and shared looks of love and adoration.

    However, there is only one chance for a first look, so why not indulge yourself in it, and not risk the moment slipping by. Enjoy the experience!

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    October 11, 2019