Tips for Photographing at Home

    Hey folks!

    We know this is a difficult time for many and a strange time for all. Everyone has been affected by the far reaching arm of the coronavirus. I’ll say it.


    It’s not all bad though. Here at F&F we pride ourselves in our ability to see the bright side. Eternal optimism to the point of possible delusion and definite annoyance to some. Like many, we’ve been using our time stuck at home to sharpen our skills and even learn new ones within our craft. We’ve been binging online classes from sites like CREATIVELIVE and MASTERCLASS, both of which have great sales going on right now btw. Specifically, we are working a lot on editing, flash photography, and effectively using colors.

    We thought, in the spirit of helping you out of your black hole of a Netflix binge, that we could offer a few tips for photographing at home.

    Hope this is helpful to you!

    Stay safe

    April 8, 2020