Giving Photos As Christmas Gifts

    Giving photos as Christmas gifts is our jam! 

    We know, we know, it’s only the beginning of November, but we can’t WAIT for Christmas! We can’t wait to see our loved ones unwrap some gorgeous photos we’ve taken of them this year or that we’ve had taken of us. This has prompted us to share with you the reasons we think giving photos as Christmas gifts (both hard copies and photo sessions) is the best idea, pretty much ever! 

    And not just because we’re photographers…

    The Story of Us

    Photos tell stories that last a lifetime. They document a moment in time that we can return to, time and again, just by opening a photobook, glancing over at the fridge, or walking by a frame and glancing at it. And the more prints we have, the more stories of love and laughter we surround ourselves with. The more reminders of happiness and gratitude hanging on our walls. How is that not awesome?

    Gifting your loved ones with a few images that perfectly capture exactly who you (or they) are is one of the most generous and heartfelt presents you can ever give. But if you don’t print and display them somehow, those stories don’t get told. They aren’t shared as often. They aren’t remembered as clearly. As an added bonus, photos also make great heirlooms! They can be passed down and cherished for generations to come and they tell the story of the history of your family and friends.

    young mother snuggles smiles at her daughter looking at the camera above, below mom and dad smooch while baby makes funny faces at the camera. photos as christmas gifts

    People already get enough fluffy gifts.
    Let’s face it, everybody has enough candles, lotions, blankets, and knick knacks! Give them something to treasure for more than 8 hours, 6 months, or until the threads wear thin or the dog sweeps them off the table with his crazy tail. 

    Our friend Beth says, “I love getting photos of my friends and family as gifts. Everyone is on my fridge and it reminds me to reach out to them regularly, but also that there are people out there who love and care about me when things are not great.” So, really, photo gifts are great for both the giver and the receiver because they spread love and, as everybody knows, we are ALL about love up in these parts. 

    young couple laughs with each other in the mountains around texas and she looks up at him and smiles. photo sessions as christmas gifts
    family photo with two young girls and two young boys, a Labradoodle puppy and mom and dad all sitting on the white steps of a marble building. photos by fawn and fellow

    Photo sessions also make amazing Christmas Gifts!
    As an alternative to giving photo albums or framed prints as Christmas gifts, think about giving the people you love a photo session!

    Maybe you know your parents don’t have a single good pic of them in this decade. Get them a session!

    Or you have friends who are unable to afford family photos right now, but their kids are growing like weeds and you know they would love to have some current photos hanging on their walls. Get them a session!

    Maybe it’s your Grandpa’s 90th birthday soon and it would be nice to get your entire family together for some fun group shots while Gramps is still alive and kickin’! Get them a session.

    Maybe your daughter wants to get into modeling and you want to encourage her dreams! Get her a session.

    gorgeous young blonde woman wearing an off white shorts jumper and a black cardigan leans against a brick wall looking over at someone

    Maybe your sister and her friends just dressed up with the BEST Halloween costumes you’ve ever seen and you want to make sure they always remember them! Get her a session! Ya’ll see where we’re going with this?

    three friends dressed up as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, dressed up for Halloween. Photos for Christmas gifts ideas.

    If giving photos as Christmas gifts is your jam too and you want to hook up your loved ones with a session, let’s chat!

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    November 11, 2019