Help Rescheduling Due to Covid-19

    We hope to be a resource for photographers and clients during this time. We know this can be a tricky road to navigate on both sides and this is how we're trying to help.

    The Problem

    Many couples are having to reschedule weddings and are unable to keep the same photographer due to scheduling conflicts. Most photographers are not legally obligated to return any deposits or retainers paid and we feel that clients should not expect a refund for cancellations due to Covid-19. So many clients are out a good chunk of change and their photographers feel guilty for not being able to help.

    We Want to Help

    So we are offering to take the dollar amount couples have paid as a deposit or retainer, up to $1500, off of the total price of our wedding packages. For example, if you paid a $1500 deposit, we’ll take that amount off of any of our wedding packages. Clients are not out anymore money and photographers can keep their retainers.

    This Is Not a Deal

    We are not being opportunistic during a time of crisis and we are not trying to steal clients from photographers they have already booked. So this is not a deal on wedding packages. We are only offering this to couples who are

    • Rescheduling their wedding due to Covid-19 related reasons
    • Unable to reschedule with their current photographer due to the photographer being unavailable
    • Unable to get a refund from their photographer

    This is a delicate situation and we will need proof from couples that all of the above are true. We also plan to reach out to the previous photographers to verify these details.

    Please Reach Out

    If you fall into this category or are a photographer struggling to reschedule with clients, please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss how we may be able to help.

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