What You Can Expect

    We know that this is a monumental decision for you. It's not every day you hire a wedding photographer and doing so means putting trust into someone else's a lot of trust. We hold that trust near and dear to our big, fat hearts. That is why it is so important that you know exactly what you're getting yourself into with this whole getting married thing.

    Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

    Unless you play golf.

    Let's Get Snuggly

    “I’m so awkward in photos!”

    We can’t count how many times we have heard this from our couples prior to a photoshoot. Why is this a thing? Taking photos should be fun. It should feel natural. Simply put, it should be an expression of who you are. You should feel totally at ease, comfy-cozy, and free you to lose yourself in the excitement of this monumental time in your life. It’s our job to help you get there.

    Easy Like Sunday Morning

    We think Lionel said it best. Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful, most significant days in your life. Why make it so stinkin’ difficult? Chances are you’ve never planned a wedding before and it can seem overwhelming. From budgeting for candelabras to making a wedding day timeline, there is a whole lot to think about. Lucky for you, we have a tad bit of experience with all things wedding…by “tad bit of experience”, we mean a shit load. We aren’t the kind of photographers that just show up with our cameras so you can tell us where to be when. We’re here for you. To be your ride or die every step of the way.

    Freaking Worth It

    Imagine this. The dust has settled on the dance floor. Nothing left but empty cups and a wedding dress that is now dirtied up at the bottom due to the wear and tear of a crazy awesome wedding day filled with love, laughter, and commitment. You and your honey leave with a sigh of relief and bittersweet emotions. Your special day has come and gone. It was wonderful. It was tearful. It was perfect. Sweet memories are all that remain. Katie Thurmes once said, “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” We are firm believers in this idea. Your photographs are what will last. Make them magical. 

    Not just clients. Compadres.

    We want to work with you, along side you, to give you something that is wholly and completely your own. You're more than just another business relationship to us. We need to know you and understand you. You need the same from us. This is how the real magic happens.


    Feelin' this?