8 Tips For Doing Menswear Right

    It can be tough to do menswear right, especially if you’re used to chilling in a tee and jeans. Can’t figure out what to wear to your wedding or portrait session? Don’t worry, we’ve got ya covered!

    Even though everybody who knows us knows that we are huge fans of people following the beat of their own drums, we still have some good ideas to help guys choose what to wear for photos. 

    Here are 8 tips for doing menswear right that will leave you looking so fine you’ll feel like you’re a GQ model, but still feel comfortable enough to have a bitchin’ time with us. 

    bride wearing lace gown and brimmed brown hat and groom wearing green pants, boots and suspenders enjoy a picnic on a desert cliff

    First and foremost, whatever you choose to wear, make sure it reflects your personality and fits your vibe. If you choose something that you feel you would never wear except for this one occasion, it’s probably not the best choice. 

    Make sure it fits.
    This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many guys buy “dad jeans” because they don’t know what fit would look best on them, or buy oversized tees because they don’t think they’ll look good in anything form fitting. 
    Here’s the rule of thumb for guys buying pants:

    • Slender and thin or slightly muscular body? Choose slim fits, straight cuts and boot cuts.
    • Athletic and muscular? Choose straight cuts or boot cuts.
    • Stocky or husky/heavy? Choose straight cuts and loose cuts.

    Here’s what to look for when buying shirts:

    • Form-fitting but not too tight. You want a shirt to lightly touch your sides and allow you to lift your arms without feeling like it will rip open like the hulk if you move around too much. Of course, if it’s a green shirt and it’s Halloween, that could be totally appropriate!
    • Not too loose. Loose shirts give the illusion of being much larger than you actually are and, since everybody knows the camera adds 10 pounds (tongue-in-cheek), it’s best to keep it form-fitting. They also have a tendency to catch the wind and fill up with air!

    Try clothes on before buying.

    It’s surprising how many men buy clothes straight off the rack and take them home to find they are too tight or too loose and, rather than return them to the store, still wear them anyway. Make sure you try everything on before you decide to buy it and follow the rules above.

    When buying a suit (or renting one for your wedding) roll with the classics—navy blue or charcoal. 

    You can pair those two colors with an endless number of shirts, ties, and shoes, so if you want to add a splash of pizzaz to your outfit, add a colorful shirt or tie.

    man wearing a charcoal classic suit and white button up shirt prepares for his wedding, smiling while holding his suit jacket in each hand

    Layers are cooler than you think.

    Layers aren’t just for the ladies or chilly weather. Nothing says, “That guy has style,” like a sweater or cardigan over a tee or a nice button up under a blazer. Plus, if you spill coffee on your shirt on the way to your session, you’ll have something to cover it up with!

    You can’t go wrong with a button-up shirt!

    Seriously. If there’s one thing we know about guys, it’s that they ALL look good in a plaid shirt and jeans or a nice dressy button up and slacks (did we actually just use the word “slacks”!). We also live in Texas, so this actually goes without saying. Plus, button-ups are comfortable and go great with any backdrop!

    Colorful T-shirts can also do the trick for less-formal portrait sessions.

    A colorful tee and a nice pair of jeans or pants can look classy for informal in photos. Solid colors are best as prints have a tendency to divert attention away from the person and onto the shirt.

    Choose your footwear wisely, grasshopper.

    Footwear is, of course, totally up to you, but keep your outfit in mind when choosing what to put on your feet. If your outfit is informal, choose informal footwear (loafers, leathers, boots); if it’s more on the formal side, choose dress shoes or boots that are clean and match the color of your pants. That being said, we see a lot of guys wearing suits with Kicks or Chuck Taylors and that’s perfectly cool too!

    Accessorize yourself.

    Remember that you still have to be you, so if you have some favorite accessories, add them into your outfits. Fave hat, classic shades, classy watch, suspenders? Fly at ‘er!

    men wearing nice boots with jeans and fancy socks with slacks for portrait shoots with fawn and fellow photography.

    Doing menswear right is really a lot easier than it looks and now that you have these simple tips, we suspect you’ll be dressed to thrill in no time. 

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    October 18, 2019