Chris and Tara: A Summer Wedding at The Emerson

    I look back on this day and always remember laughter. Lots of it. Dustin and I had never photographed a wedding at The Emerson prior to Chris and Tara’s big day but we knew it was gonna be a beaut! Think little white chapel meets modern flare. It was the perfect fit for Tara and Chris. Upon arrival, Tara greeted us with singing as she was getting her hair curled. Amazing. We love a bride with this kind of enthusiasm! It definitely set the mood for what was going to be such a perfect day. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or in this case the groom’s room), Chris had all the feels as he read through a memory book made by Tara herself. It was precious and touching. Chris’s tears brought Dustin and me to tears and that’s just how it goes. Wedding days bring a whole rollercoaster of emotions, ya’ll, no one’s safe! Onward to the ceremony we go with more tears and, you guessed it, more laughter. Tara had her grandparents in place of flower girls. When I asked her the reasoning behind this she said, “I have never known two people who have loved better than them! I want their legacy to be the last thing walking down the aisle before I make my way to Chris.” I was SHOOK. Perfect. Chris and Tara’s vow readings were epic! Every person there could feel the love between these two that’s for sure. Tara looked stunning. The kind of stunning that should be on Bazaar Magazine or something. Her modern Calla Blanche gown looked like it was made for her! The whole. scene felt unreal. The simplistic details and all white walls felt heavenly.

    Following the ceremony was one helluva party! This group knew how to have a good time, that’s for sure! Much to our surprise, Chris’s twerk skills were unmatched and everyone there loved every second of it! Duh.

    We just can’t thank these two enough for trusting us to capture their beautiful wedding day. It will be something we cherish always and forever. We love you, Mainses!

    Venue: The Emerson

    Dress: Calla Blanche

    Rings: The True Gem

    Florals: Woodbine Flower Farm

    HAMU: Ahimsa Artistry

    Cake: Renaissance Cake Co.

    June 30, 2020