At Home Session with Kristen and Reese, Fort Worth, TX

    Kristen and Reese were one of our first couples to ever photograph. They hired us to photograph their wedding back in May 2017 and we all became instant friends! So whenever Kristen reached out about an at home session in their adorable Fort Worth loft, needless to say, we were over the moon excited to shoot, hang, and get lotsa laughs in with her and Reese. This was going to be a memorable shoot for the Robinsons since they would be moving out of the loft just weeks after the shoot, so Dustin and I wanted to capture them simply being, living life, in the space that they have so gracefully made their own.

    Whenever we arrived to the loft I was instantly taken aback by the beauty that was the Yellow Door Loft as Kristen calls it. I was instantly mesmerized by the space. Between the gorgeous, golden light that flooded every corner to Kristen’s talented eye for interior design, this place was a photographer’s dream location for any given shoot. I remember telling Kristen that even her kitchen pots and pans were a freakin’ vibe, ha! Once you mosey through these photos you will understand what I mean.

    We began shooting and I instructed the two lovebirds to snuggle up in a tiny chair amongst that yummy light that I mentioned earlier. It was so dramatic and intimate. It made me feel like Kristen and Reese were being spotlit by some little dude in the rafters at an old theater. We were diggin’ it. After a few beautiful (and sweaty, no, glistening) moments, we decided it was time for a pour-over. Kristen and Reese grabbed their Chemex like they had a hundred, cozy mornings before during their time in the loft. It was sweet and simple and perfect. We moved from the kitchen to bedroom where K and R got in more snuggle time and tickle time. My cheeks hurt after this one for sure. We love these two so much and are honored that they have chosen us to continue capturing such special moments in their journey.

    May 1, 2020