Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom – A Rainy Day Portland Wedding

    Oh my, a wedding at the Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom! ‘Twas something straight outta a fairytale, ya’ll.

    Picture this:

    Portland, Oregon on a rainy day in January. The city is quieter than usual and the shiny streets appear to have twinkly lights in them from the lamp post reflections that line each avenue. Ashley and Eddy are getting married and it just feels right. We had all anticipated the rain (cause, you know, Portland) so when it actually came there were no surprises and only excitement oozing from the bride and groom. This wasn’t our first rodeo photographing a wedding in Portland so we were more than comfy runnin’ and gunnin’ through the west coast mist. Dustin and I were able to fly into PDX from Dallas a couple of days prior to the wedding to scout out some locations and prepare a contingency plan in case of less than perfect weather. So we were confident that the day was going to be nothing but dreamy.

    We began the day photographing Ashley getting ready…

    Let the laughter begin. She beamed of joy. Radiated. Eddy was more cool, calm, and collected. The perfect combo. Once hair and makeup were complete, dresses were fluffed, and shirts were tucked, it was time for the first look. We had just so happened to hit a lull in the rainy forecast and after much consideration Ashley and Eddy decided to continue on with the original location at Tom McCall Waterfront Park. I’m so glad they did! Ashley looked like a frickin’ angel gliding down the metal walkway in her timeless Ania Bridal gown to her future hubby. Eddy was so sweet and anxious to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day. Cue alllll the feels. The laughter, the kisses, the happy tears, the bliss. We actually timed out the rain perfectly. I believe it was fate.

    On to the ceremony.

    We headed back to Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom where final touches took place. The ceremony began and it was beautiful. Ashley’s brother officiated which made everything all the more special. The ballroom made it seem royal and I couldn’t help but to speak in a (really bad and probably offensive) British accent. Nonetheless, I had fun and got a few laughs outta Dustin throughout the nuptials. After vows were said and a whopping kiss was had, the couple bounced down the aisle holding hands and taking in the glory of what just took place as newlyweds tend to do. Lots of dancing and whip/ nae naeing went down at the reception and it was epic. Book end the day with a sparkler send-off and there ya have it…the Halmagean wedding day was a success to say the least.

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    April 15, 2020