Addey & Rob: Lake Ray Roberts State Park, Denton, TX

    Addey and Rob. Oh, the wonderful words I have for these two. This day was such a blast! It was easy-going, laughter-filled, and magical. The weather was perfect. Light breeze, sunshine, sweatless in Texas, oh my! Addey wore white, suiting, she is the most pure of heart. We strolled into the Denton pines with their pup, Sadie, blazing the trail for everyone in tow. She especially loved the pinecones and it was the cutest thing to see her scrunchy nose as she chewed her curious, little heart out. Bless her. As the smell of pine needles filled the air, Rob and Addey basked in the softest light you ever did see. They told me they weren’t models but I’m having a hard time believing them.

    Onto blue hour we went with new energy and an outfit change. After serenading Rob and Addey with my best version of Dixie Chicks’ “Wide Open Spaces”, we made our way into green pastures. Sadie joined us once again with tail-wagging and slobbery kisses. I think this was her favorite part of the shoot. SHE WAS LET OFF THE LEASH, ya’ll. Exhilarating. She took full advantage and played tag with her humans. We finished up the shoot with intimacy and stillness (and a full moon, no less). It was a really great day.

    GUESS WHAT! We took BTS of all this goodness. Click the link or just keep scrollin’.

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    March 25, 2020