A Garden Wedding: Artspace 111, Fort Worth, TX

    OKAY. Let me tell ya about Cameron and Ximena’s elegantly simplistic and gorgeous garden-styled wedding at Artspace 111…it made all my firefly light dreams come true! The entire day was filled with love beyond belief. Upon arrival, I greeted Cameron, and it wasn’t ten minutes until Ximena’s father burst joyfully through the groom’s suite door to wrap him up in the most sincere bear hug I’ve ever seen (top 5 for sure). I thought to myself, “Oh today is gonna be goooood.”.

    The day strolled on into the epic first look (big fans of first looks over here at F&F). Let the happy tears, snotty noses, and anxiously excited giggles commence. Ximena rocked a gorgeous Elizabeth Lee gown with a special touch…a bad ass bridal cape that was made of material from her sister’s wedding dress and was sewn on moments before by Ximena’s mother, what even!

    Now let’s talk ceremony. When meeting up with Ximena and Cameron at their initial consult, they mentioned that they wanted a a nighttime ceremony with thousands of twinkly lights and intimate feels. I’m in! Both of Ximena’s parents walked her down the aisle, I loved this. The ceremony ended and everyone was ushered over to where the first dance was to take place. It was a hoot! Darling, red linens were whipped around in a tornado-like fashion to welcome in the newlyweds. They performed a traditional, Peruvian number that was a hit with the crowd. It. Was. Spicy. After eating delicious food prepared by the wonderful City Kitchen Catering, Cameron and Ximena greeted their guests as they blazed the trail to the after-party. We danced, we laughed, some did the worm, some didn’t, and we all lived happily ever after. It was perfect and we are grateful.

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    March 9, 2020